Sunday, September 05, 2004


....from a dedicated weblog-reader, who has been fascinated by the electronic outpourings of others (notably Instapundit, Kaus, Juan Cole, Wonkette, and a few doctors and lawyers who blog). Now I am (finally) jumping into the fray.

Not all of my opinions are a result of my psychiatric background, but I'd say that most of them are....and, like many shrinks, I end up with more questions than conclusions. Here, I can ask those questions (not that I'm expecting any answers.)

I can examine the questions that are being asked in the media and in other weblogs, as well as the questions I'm not hearing (no jokes about auditory hallucinations, please!) What are the unspoken assumptions in a story? What are the motivations? Does Zell Miller really have a psychiatric diagnosis (as many bloggers have decreed)?

Besides, I'm curious about blogging itself. (Is it as fun as it looks?) And lest I forget....minimal armchair analysis! I promise!


Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

"Does Zell Miller really have a psychiatric diagnosis...."

I don't have the details in front of me, but many presidential candidates have been accused of being insane because of their views. William Jennings Bryan comes to mind. While some practitioners participated in newspaper questionnaires about the sanity of particular political candidates, others refused to participate on the grounds that they had never examined the patient.

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