Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The new Medscape student blog is really good.

Thanks to Kevin, MD, for pointing us to "The Differential." It's about life in med school. Five students are posting. Here's Kristen Heinen, blogging about her Peds rotation:
You Know You're on Peds Rotation When ...
-- Your stethoscope covers 3/4 of your patient’s chest.

The resident on call with you has a flashing stethoscope.

You decide that your name badge is boring, so at the solemn advice of one of your patients, you decorate it with a little glittery nail polish....
And Ali Tabatabaey blogs from his Psychiatry rotation (in Iran!). When he meets his first patient, he focuses on her medical complaints, and finds few psych symptoms. Later, he presents the case to the staff doctor. It's a genuine "teaching moment":
Remember the man she saw on the street? It turns out he did not have any legs and was floating in the air. Yet, she insisted he was real.

I was lost for words. I had spent the last hour talking to her and had missed the main points altogether. I was so obsessed with her leg pain that I left everything else unnoticed. I was beginning to feel depressed myself. I have to admit, examining the mind is a very complicated challenge...
The new blog has a personal, non-corporate tone (which tells me that Medscape "gets it"). Thanks, Medscape! I'll be following this one...


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Thanks for the link to this great blog!
I have up up a link, also.

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